Vikas Handa

Vikas’s story began when he enrolled in the EAS program at REES shortly after relocating from Montreal to Winnipeg with his family. Facing the challenge of a French-dominated environment in Montreal, Vikas, despite his rapid promotions in a warehouse setting, decided to overcome the language barrier by relocating. Coming from his country he had a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration and experience in finance and accounting. His goals were to get into this sector again when he started here at REES. He was fully active in all our workshops and attended our one on one meeting religiously.

Collaborating closely with Vikas, we embarked on a comprehensive journey, focusing on refining his resume and cover letter, enhancing his job search strategies, and increasing his market awareness. Through ongoing communication, we identified his true passions and priorities, narrowing down potential opportunities. Over the few months Vikas was with us we applied to a lot of positions. We applied for positions with the city of Winnipeg and St Amant, both of which resulted in interview invitations. With meticulous preparation, including mock interviews at REES, Vikas showcased his skills and enthusiasm.

After his interview with St Amant I got in touch the hiring coordinator who expressed that she was impressed with Vikas and would be calling him to come in for training and offer him the position. Vikas and I’s effort was met with success as St. Amant, impressed by Vikas’s performance, offered him a position, recognizing the alignment between his skills and the role. Vikas commenced his role on October 26th, 2023, marking a significant milestone in his professional journey. His success is a testament to the effectiveness of personalized support and the resilience of individuals committed to overcoming challenges.