Robert (Bob) Montpetit

This pursuit of employment for persons with disabilities has its challenges.

This is more so for persons who are Hard of Hearing and Deaf, who fluent can speak and American Sign Language (ASL), English Language skills and lots of work experience but, he has laid off his work place this time. He has tried another job seeker position. REES partners with employers and resource agencies that embrace ‘Supported Employment’ model. These partnerships are beneficial in setting meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities.

Here is his story:

  • He has 15+ years’ experience working with clients with physical, emotional and intellectual challenges, acting as a role model and advocate
  • He has 15+ years’ experience working with various drivers as School bus driver, Residential driver, Semi-Truck driver, and Farm handler driver
  • A truly special man! He is the perfect worker.
  • He is thrilled to learn new about Canada Video Relay Services (CANADA VRS) workshop and training provided at Reaching E-Quality Employment Services

This was the case with an elder man Robert went through a trial period for a week to determine if he was a good fit for the semi-truck driver position. He worked hard during that week to prove to the employer that he could do the job and to do it well.

For Robert, and he was finding a job in Bob Perfanick Trucking Inc. for Semi-Truck Driver position, he was hired in May 2023.