REES and The Community

In the coming months, you will see more and more reference made to our big REES Anniversary coming up. For nearly 35 years, REES has been right here in Winnipeg providing our services to People with Disabilities and/or Health Conditions to connect with meaningful employment and further their goals. It is quite an accomplishment for a small community based organization to reach such a milestone, and the legacy that we will always carry with us is solely measured by the successes that we have been privileged to be a part of with the thousands and thousands of clients we had the privilege to work with since 1989 in Winnipeg.

For those of you who have started following our newsletters, you will note that each month we spotlight on a story of one of our clients who successfully reached their employment goal, and a brief summary of their journey. Each successful employment outcome reinforces to us the reason that we continue to strive to do the important work that we do with our clients. As you can imagine, over the past 35 years and the thousands of people we have worked with, we have built an incredible community that consists of our clients and past clients, employers, community agencies and organizations, our funders and more. It is a true privilege to continue to do the work that we do.

That having been said, in order for REES to continue, we must strengthen and strive to continue to build and maintain our relationships, and make ones that keep us relevant and successful. In doing this we have been ramping up our social media presence, consistently sending out our newsletters, attending job fairs and community events, having open houses, hosting workshops and forums, hosting disability awareness presentations, and anything else we are able to do to increase our presence and relevance in the community. We make ourselves available at conferences and workshops to deliver and facilitate presentations on disability and accommodation, and to speak one on one with those who may be interested in learning about REES. In order for us to continue to stay relevant, we need to continue to solidify our presence in the community as the premier employment service for people with disabilities in Winnipeg.

In doing this, we need your support. To support REES, please refer a friend, share our posts,forward our newsletters, share with your employer the idea of hiring through REES, host a disability awareness talk for your staff and managers. These are all ways to support a local community based organization that doesn’t cost any money but can make a significant difference. Knowing that 1 in 5 people in Manitoba is a person with a disability; and that disability can and will affect each and every one of us in some way in our lifetime. Let’s all work together to show Winnipeg that REES is here, and to help us grown and prosper so we can continue to do the important work that we do for another 35 years into the future.