Employment Assistance Service (EAS)

Unemployed or Underemployed?

If you are unemployed or underemployed and have a physical disability and/or health condition, REES can help you execute a plan to achieve your goals. Services may include, but are not limited to: skills training, job opening referrals, resume and interview preparation, and, if required, on-the-job support to ensure long-term success.  While REES does have a couple of specialized programs for youth and Deaf or Hard of Hearing Individuals, this program is open to everyone!

REES Can Help!

REES is a non-profit (charitable status) community based organization offering employment assistance programs led by a dedicated team with the knowledge, resources and contacts needed to help job seekers connect with meaningful employment.

REES Employment Assistance Services Can Help:

  • Access training programs, workshops and community resources 
  • Prepare an effective cover letter and resume
  • Learn job maintenance and customer service professional skills 
  • Develop communication, self-confidence and interpersonal skills 
  • Assistance with basic computer skills if required
  • Assess the impact of physical disabilities and/or health conditions on the job
  • Advice on how to talk about your disability and/or health condition, plus any required job accommodations
  • Learn effective job search and interview skills
  • Take advantage to Employer Forums
  • A network of employer contacts and job search support

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

REES offers a full range of services for job seekers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Our services for job seekers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing includes the use of the Video Relay Service (VRS), Employment Counsellors who communicate using American Sign Language (ASL), training for employers regarding accommodating people in the workplace who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and assistance accessing interpreters for job interviews, and on the job training with employers.

From resume development to ASL interpretation and work placements, we can help you secure and maintain employment.

Ongoing Employment Support and Monitoring

Our marketing counsellors can be available to meet with both employers and employees, ensuring proper accommodations and supports are offered. Research has shown that individuals with a physical disability and/or health condition who are being supported in their workplace for 1 or 2 years sustain their employment for the long-term.

Employment Assistance Services for Youth (EASY)

EASY works to increase employability skills for youth between the ages of 17 – 29 and assist with the transition into employment.  This is acquired providing life-skills, pre-employment skills, computer skills (if required) and job search support to youth with physical disabilities and/or health conditions.  Please note that REES has an Employment Counsellor that specializes in working with youth.

REES Can Help Achieve Your Goals!  In addition to what is offered under the general Employment Assistance Services, EASY provides the following:

  • Learn the necessary attributes to becoming a tenant
    • Develop appropriate and respectful relationships with landlords and neighbors
    • What are your rights as a tenant?
    • Effective conflict resolution skills between tenant and landlord
    • First steps to becoming a successful tenant.  What is all the paperwork?
  • Money management tools and techniques
    • Introduction to Community Economic Development 
    • The importance of budgeting
    • Defining assets
    • SMART goals for long term financial success
    • What is a credit rating?