Minh Huynh

Minh Huynh first came to Reaching E-Quality Employment Services in mid-December, 2018 to access Employment Assistance Services (EAS). Minh was an active participant from the onset, partaking in the Interview Workshop, Manitoba Customer Contact Association’s – Customer Service Professional Training and attending an Employer’s Forum in January 2019. It was at the REES Employer Forum that he first connected with eCom Customer Care. Following a chat with the with their HR Generalist he submitted an application (resume). Minh was quickly shortlisted and selected for an interview. He was found to be a suitable applicant and was placed in the February training session (the January session was full at the time of hire).

Minh was found to be eligible for both the REES Hiring Incentive Project (RHIP) and the REES Internship Project (RINT), both of which would help with the financial cost of transitioning Minh into fulltime employment. As it turned out, a spot came open in the January training session almost half way through the two-week period. Minh was selected to fill that spot, and successfully caught up with the rest of the trainees by that period’s end.

Minh has just completed the last week of his RINT intervention and having passed his probationary period and is employed full time with eCom Customer Care as a Customer Service Representative (outbound calling).

The following is a testimonial written by Minh:

“I knew something was wrong when employers were not contacting me for interviews. But after being referred to REES, my life started to change for the better. I’m no longer looking at my disability as a weakness and excuse. I let go of my pride, asked for and accepted help and took advantage of all of the resources that were made available to me. Refocusing my cover letter, resume and improving my interview skills was just the beginning. I even attended workshop seminars that were related to my employment in customer service. I regained my confidence and felt energized in looking for and securing quality full-time employment. Using tried and true methods for the current job market, I found work in less than 1 month. With results like that, I couldn’t be more pleased. The overall impression that I felt from the REES team, is that I could trust them, they believe in me and they were and still are willing to help me. Thanks to the REES team.”- Minh Huynh