REES Workshop Personality At Work

PERSONALITY @ WORK Learn all about John Holland’s Theory of Types & Codes and the 6 personalities that align with different work environments. In this workshop we will: Review the […]

REES Workshop Skills and Abilities

Skills, Knowledge, Abilities and Other Attributes (SKAO’s) all play a key role in helping you find the employment opportunity that is right for you!  Plus weeding out the jobs that […]

REES Workshop Interview Skills

Do you want to feel more prepared and confident in your next job interview?  Learn how to ace your next interview! Outline In this workshop you will: Learn how to […]

REES Workshop Disclosure and Accommodation

Workplace Accommodation(s):  what is it and how do you ask for it? In this workshop we will empower you!  Practical knowledge of how to write and communicate your workplace accommodation […]

REES Workshop Job Seekers

Searching for employment can be a daunting task if you do not possess the right tools. Outline In this workshop you will: Overcome barriers and job search effectively using the […]