REES Gives Hope

Deanna Ng

I learned about REES through a referral from a social worker. I was looking for work at the same time as looking for a new place and trying to get off government assistance. REES staff warmly welcomed me and helped me get started on my resume, cover letter, and interview skills. I landed a job with the Province of Manitoba Family Services division.

A few years later, that position ended. I went back to REES who helped me secure work for the next two summers while I was in school. In 2010, they helped me be successful in working for Employment Manitoba. In 2011 they helped me be successful and work two terms for Employment and Income Assistance.

When I graduated, REES through mock interviews also helped me be successful in working for the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities – MLPD.

After a few years, that position ended. What do I do? I looked at my options and came back to REES. I was involved in the Youth Employment Program – YEP, which helped me get back on my feet. It is very stressful and depressing not having work for long periods of time. Through REES, I learned how to have the confidence, skills, and abilities to stay positive, new job search strategies, tailoring your resume, having an effective cover letter, and how to ace an interview. They also helped me have a balanced life and know how to market myself.

For the past few years, I held numerous temporary positions, and REES has been extremely helpful between each position. I am looking for work again and have learned a tremendous amount from the workshops. These include job search strategies, marketing yourself, resume, cover letter, interview skills, mock interviews, and how to be successful in so many ways in a position such as office etiquette, communication skills, and team work skills. I am also very grateful for the one-on-one support with marketing counsellors, who offer help with resume, job leads, and help you get out there and apply. They encourage and coach you in your job search. One thing I noticed is REES staff work as a team and their number one goal is to secure employment for people they work with. They really care about people and want them to succeed.