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The REES AWARDS recognize individuals and organizations that have demonstrated excellence and achievement in the disability field, and made a significant impact on the disability community. For more information on the REES Awards click here to visit our Awards page The 2017 REES Awards Celebrating the Stars will take place September 7, 2017 at The Norwood Hotel 112 Marion Street

To become a sponsor or for tickets, call 832-REES (7337), emailĀ

REES Annual General Meeting

Every year REES Board, Staff and Members get together to review the past year of REES and discuss the future of REES This year the REES AGM will be held at The Norwood Hotel on September 7, 2017 just prior to the 2017 REES Awards Celebrating the Stars. There is no cost to attend the AGM, but if you wish (and we hope you do) to attend The 2017 REES Awards Celebrating the Stars Tickets can be purchased online

Click here to view the 2016 AGM Report

REES Open House

Although a date has yet to be set, REES has undergone a major facelift and we are dying to show off our newly renovated offices. Stay tuned for more information.