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REES Workplace of the Month

Rhonda Baker Productions is the REES Workplace of the month.

There is a film production company located in Winnipeg that also happens to be a little gem of an employer. Responsible for the making in Winnipeg of such recent main stream movies as “Siberia”, starring Keanu Reeves and Molly Ringwald, as well as the television series, “Channel Zero-Candle Cove” (my quirky favourite SyFy channel pick). I recognized the locale as soon as I watched the first season of this supernatural drama series but little did I know at the time that I would be meeting the owner and head of the production company as part of a REES Hiring Incentive Project (RHIP) assessment for one of my participants.

Rhonda Baker, of Rhonda Baker Productions is a warm and astute businesswoman who had formerly been the Vice President of Productions for Buffalo Gal Pictures, a legend in film-making here in Canada. Her positive reception for a RHIP participant with some significant injuries, wanting to return to the industry he had formerly worked in, was genuine and enthusiastic. As it turned out, his assessment demonstrated a need for further healing despite many accommodations being made for this individual. Discussing his future, he was left with an appreciation for his abilities while the door was definitely “left open” for future employment. This left my participant with an important consideration for the future, hope. Having seen the positive response for future associations between Rhonda Baker Productions and Reaching E-Quality Employment Services, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have crossed paths.

-Paula Harris (Coordinator of the REES Hiring Incentive Project)