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REES Workplace of the Month

Shaw is the REES Workplace of the month.


Every day, Shaw’s passionate employees connect their customers to the world and everything in it.  They believe that building a diverse, inclusive and supportive culture for their team members starts with reflecting the richness of the communities. Shaw achieves this in Winnipeg by utilizing local community programs, non-profits and groups when looking to fill positions, ensuring that all workers are given the opportunity to showcase their skills and contribute to Shaw’s vision.

We first met recruiter Ryan Checkley when he came to present customer care opportunities to our clients during our monthly Employer’s Forum in October 2017. In the following weeks he has more than proved his genuine interest in REES by getting to know our participants on a meaningful level, making himself accessible, and providing ongoing support and communication.
REES is thrilled to be partnering and building a long-lasting friendship with Shaw. It is for all the above reasons and many more that we proudly present Shaw as our Employer of the Month. For further information about Shaw,

Please visit their website:

Amber Hicks