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REES Workplace of the Month

Eagle Vision Inc., is the REES Workplace of the month. 

Eagle VisionEagle Vision Inc. is an award-winning film and television company, and one of Canada’s leading production companies. Partners Lisa Meeches and Kyle Irving founded Eagle Vision in 2000, and they went on to produce 150+ hours of outstanding award winning television and film content for the Canadian and International marketplace. Their films have been the recipients of 5 Oscar Nominations (1 win), a Golden Globe win, 5 BAFTA nominations (1 win), 8 Gemini/CSA nominations (5 wins) and a Banff Rockie Award amongst several other awards. One of the great examples is WE WERE CHILDREN(2012)a 4 time CSA nominee and 2 time CSA winner film for its powerful story of residential school survivors and the portrayal proved itself to be highly accurate and powerful for the general audience to recognize its impact on Canada’s colonial past.

Eagle Vision’s newest show TAKEN, just aired on APTN and is soon to be released on CBC. It’s a 13 X 22-minute true crime documentary series focusing on solving the mysteries behind Canada’s missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. Riveting, spine-chilling, important television, TAKEN confronts, head-on, the search for answers, the clues that link these stories, and the hope of all Canadians to resolve this tragic reality for Indigenous women and girls, and for our nation. TAKEN tells the stories of the MMIWG by interviewing victims’ loved ones, law enforcement, community experts, provincial and federal government officials, and spiritual advisors. The show challenges stereotypes, breaks boundaries, raises the awareness of the issue in the mainstream, and is gaining international attention. TAKEN is spearheading the conversation, breaking new ground as the first public television docudrama about MMIWG. Combating social inequalities is an important aspect in Eagle Vision’s storytelling, and this philosophy is also present in their hiring decisions. Eagle Vision builds excellent production teams, seeking diversity and creating mentorships. The company helps balance underrepresentation and inequality within our society and industry, through the wealth of female producers, writers, directors, and editors on the series. Women hold over fifty percent of key creative positions. Eagle Vision’s productions also have an extremely strong mentorship commitment for Indigenous writers, directors, editors, composers, and graphic designers, among other positions.

This year, Eagle Vision hired Katarina Ziervogel, an aspiring Deaf filmmaker, after Rebecca Gibson (Creative Producer and Co-Creator of TAKEN) and Hannah Johnson (Production Manager and Director) met her while filming ORANGE DAISY PROJECT, a digital documentary series amongst a social action campaign, in support of mental health for teen girls and young women across Canada. After an inspiring ORANGE DAISY PROJECT interview about Katarina’s life, accomplishments, and her goals to work in film, Eagle Vision added her to the team. With REES’ support, Eagle Vision hired a talented employee. She has proven to be an asset to the company and has a bright future. There are undeniably obstacles ahead of a Deaf filmmaker, and partnerships between organizations like Eagle Vision and REES create crucial access to strong internships and job placements, by providing interpreters and other supports.  Katarina’s time at Eagle Vision has shown her how to write blog posts, edit scripts, do research work, and learn about the technical aspects of filmmaking. She also spends time in the edit suite logging b-roll and creating transcription videos. This has taught her about shots, framing, regular speed/slow-motion/tilt-shift, and she is becoming more familiar with editing platforms. She is currently being mentored by Rebecca Gibson, who is teaching Katarina and inspiring her to take risks, such as writing her own film series. The two are currently working on developing a web series that will follow Katarina, observing her challenges, and her sense of humour, and it will definitely inspire her audience.  Katarina plans to both write and direct the series. This is an opportunity for Katarina to work with an award-winning documentary team that not many aspiring young filmmakers can experience, especially so early in their career. But giving emerging filmmakers the support to tell their stories and share their passion, is something Eagle Vision does outstandingly well.

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