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REES Workplace of the Month

The Unexpected Gift is the REES Workplace of the month.

The Unexpected Gift, is a Diversity Champion Employer and has successfully hired an employee from REES’s Co-Op Project for this Winnipeg specialized store.

The Unexpected Gift provides the convenience of having everything that you require while dealing with cancer; a one-stop location for all your needs. The Unexpected Gift provides products that are developed without toxic additives or carcinogens. 
“At the age of 42, I was diagnosed with cancer. I was devastated, it was a diagnosis I never expected. There was no family history and I was young. Cancer changed my life, but it also gave me a gift.”- Tara/Owner

Tara Torchia-Wells, Owner and Survivor partnered easily with REES and Co-Op Project to find her newest employee who was easily accommodated but more importantly saw great potential in them.

The right match to find for this business was easy- as the owner lives the experience of how health changes your capacity to work; her decision to on-board and accommodate an employee who was facing the same journey was an automatic process and the employee began work in a matter of days.

This mindset and framework of finding work and the work itself to be accessible for employees with health conditions has created a win-win scenario for this business owner who is investing training and delegating tasks to her employee, where it was not feasible before, and now the business is able to shift that energy to other tasks to take the business to the next level. The employee has mutually benefitted in finding this good fit to financially become stronger, but to also maintain her own medical treatment schedule for her condition.

Strong communication between both The Unexpected Gift and REES is easy; it is a partnership. The approach to manage it- fits well with the business needs for growth and expansion phase.

Employers such as The Unexpected Gift who see such potential in hiring people with Health Conditions and/or Physical Disabilities, can continue to grow by embracing diversity in their workforce.

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